21 Creative Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

After scrolling through countless photos of luxurious bathrooms with stylish faucets, beautiful tiles, and abundant storage, it’s easy to become disheartened by your own cramped bathroom in a rental property. We have Pinterest and Instagram to thank for showing us what’s possible, but we don’t have to settle for a lackluster washroom. With your landlord’s approval, you can make simple, budget-friendly changes that will enhance your bathroom’s look and functionality. We’ve compiled 21 decorating ideas to breathe new life into your small bathroom.

1. Paint-Free Bathroom Makeover

If your landlord prohibits painting, or if you find it messy, you can still get creative with peel-and-stick vinyl. Look for options that can withstand moisture and condensation, which are common in bathrooms. A great example of this is the vanity update by Brian Patrick Flynn, where he used removable, vinyl wallpaper in a stylish gray leather veneer. Other peel-and-stick products, like self-adhesive vinyl stripes, can be used to create eye-catching patterns on your bathroom walls. Tempaper Mini Stripes, available in four-inch wide rolls, is a popular choice for this purpose.

2. Install a Temporary Vanity

Don’t like the old oak cabinet or wall-mounted sink in your bathroom? Consider swapping them out with a vanity that suits your taste and storage needs. When your lease ends, you can take it with you, but make sure to get your landlord’s approval before making any changes. Look for vanities like IKEA GODMORGON/BRÅVIKEN or options from major home remodeling stores, some of which even include faucets. Installing a new vanity can give your bathroom a fresh look without a major renovation.

3. Spruce up Your Bathroom With Plants

Adding houseplants to your bathroom can instantly breathe new life into the space. Choose plants that are suitable for your bathroom’s unique conditions, such as natural light and room temperature. Houseplants not only bring color and texture to your bathroom but also create a soothing and inviting atmosphere.

4. Refresh an Outdated Bathroom With Paint

When it comes to transforming the look of your bathroom, paint is a powerful tool. A beige builder-grade bathroom can be turned into a chic powder room with a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, consider adding a stylish round mirror to enhance the overall look. This simple change can make a big difference without breaking the bank.

5. DIY a Rustic Feature Wall

To give your bathroom a unique and rustic touch, transform a bare wall into a striking feature using removable peel-and-stick floor tiles. These tiles should be moisture-resistant and durable to withstand the bathroom’s conditions. Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer various options in different textures, colors, and sizes that mimic the look of real wood and luxurious stone. You can create a rustic accent wall using these affordable and easy-to-install tiles.

6. Quick and Reversible Fixes for Ugly Bathroom Floors

If your bathroom has unattractive flooring, there are easy solutions to disguise it. Interior designer Kerra Michele used a water-resistant vinyl floor cloth that can be custom-cut to fit your bathroom. Alternatively, you can use interlocking rubber floor tiles in various colors, some of which have a raised dot pattern that resembles ceramic penny round tile. To keep these tiles in place, use carpet tape. These quick and reversible fixes can instantly improve your bathroom’s look.

7. Modernize an Old Bathroom With Black Fixtures

For a modern and dramatic transformation, consider adding black fixtures and accessories to your white bathroom. Replacing a faucet is usually a straightforward and reversible update, provided the new fixtures fit the existing holes in the sink or countertop. This change can create a bold and stylish contrast in your bathroom.

8. Revive Your Vintage Bathroom

If your bathroom has a vintage or outdated feel, it can be revitalized without a major renovation. Inexpensive updates like changing the sconces, updating cabinet knobs, and refreshing the shower curtain can turn your old bathroom into a stylish classic. Removing old wallpaper and brightening up the space can also make a significant difference without a complete overhaul.

9. Combine Function With Personality

Add character to your bathroom by customizing it with unique accents that tell your personal story. A mix of nautical and rustic elements, combined with upcycled storage solutions like wire baskets, can create a bathroom retreat that evokes seaside memories. These personal touches can make your bathroom feel like a unique and welcoming space.

10. How to Decorate Your Pink Bathroom

If you have a bathroom with pink features that you can’t change, embrace them and make them a part of your bathroom’s design. You can complement the pink tiles with a marble-inspired mirror, patterned wallpaper, and a painted vanity. Adding vibrant contrasting colors like blue and green can divert attention from the pink elements and create a harmonious look.

11. Ditch Your Traditional Bath Mat

Replace your traditional bath mat with a colorful, real rug to add a pop of vibrancy to your bathroom. This small change can instantly elevate the overall look of your bathroom and make it more inviting.

12. Whip up Concealed Storage Under a Wall-Mounted Sink

If your bathroom features a wall-mounted sink with no storage, consider adding a sink skirt. This not only conceals the plumbing but also creates hidden storage space. You can customize the sink skirt to match your bathroom’s decor and add a touch of elegance to the space.

13. Stenciling Is Cheaper Than Wallpaper

While wallpaper can be expensive, you don’t have to sacrifice pattern and design in your bathroom. You can achieve the look of wallpaper by using stencils. Paint your bathroom walls with a stencil pattern to add depth and character to the space. This cost-effective alternative can create a stunning visual effect.

14. Rethink Your Bathroom Door

In a small bathroom, a hinged door that swings inward can take up valuable space. Consider replacing it with a sliding barn-style door, which is a trendy and space-saving solution. DIY kits are available at many home improvement stores and come in various styles and price ranges. Before starting the project, make sure to get your landlord’s approval.

15. How to Fake Wallpaper Without a Stencil

If you want the look of wallpaper without the commitment, consider freehand painting a graphic wall. You can create a unique and eye-catching design by painting directly on the wall. This technique allows you to personalize your bathroom with a one-of-a-kind pattern.

16. Add Drama to a Bathroom Using Art

Hang eye-catching artwork on your bathroom walls to draw attention away from its flaws. A bold shade of paint can provide a striking backdrop for the artwork and make the room feel more vibrant. This creative approach can transform your bathroom into an art-filled space.

17. Turn a Funky Bathroom Into a Boho Oasis

If your bathroom features dated elements, you can give it a trendy and bohemian makeover. Incorporate boho-inspired essentials like a macramé toilet paper holder, a medallion print shower curtain, and green houseplants to create a relaxed and stylish atmosphere. These simple additions can bring new life to your bathroom.

18. Pick the Perfect Shelves for Your Space

Maximize your bathroom’s storage space with a few simple tricks. Replace thick floating shelves with thinner ones to make the wall appear less cluttered while providing more storage space. Additionally, consider upgrading your wall-mounted medicine cabinet to a larger one for extra storage. These changes can help keep your bathroom organized and stylish.

19. Transform Your Bathroom With Art and Grout Paint

If your bathroom feels stuck in the 1980s with brown and beige tile, you can give it a modern update by introducing art and paint. Create a gallery wall with black paint as a backdrop to downplay the beige tile. You can also paint the brown grout white to brighten up the space and create a more contemporary look.

20. Give an Old Bathroom the Gold Treatment

Even if your bathroom lacks luxurious marble, you can add a touch of glamour with gold accents. Install features like a glitzy shower rod or a golden faucet to create a chic and stylish atmosphere. Gold accents are available in a wide range of styles and prices, making it easy to achieve a luxurious look in your bathroom.

21. The Best DIY Bathroom Ever

For a truly satisfying DIY bathroom transformation, consider the following steps:

  • Update the old vanity with black paint and new cabinet knobs.
  • Swap out the original medicine cabinet for a larger one.
  • Add a removable, ostrich-print wallpaper for a unique and eye-catching wall.

This combination of changes can turn your bathroom into a stylish and personalized space. You don’t need a massive renovation to create a stunning bathroom.

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