Above Ground Pools: Modern Design and Features

Above-ground pools are installed above the ground surface, showcasing their entire structure, often adorned with decorative finishes. Their key feature is the ease and speed of installation, requiring minimal groundwork compared to in-ground pools. They offer versatile design possibilities suitable for various spaces, including hotel terraces, private residences, and temporary event venues.

Design Recommendations:

These pools boast a sleek and elegant design, blending seamlessly with their surroundings, whether on a hotel terrace or in a private garden. Harmonizing the pool’s finish with the existing space is crucial, with options to enhance the ambiance using elements like loungers and strategic lighting.

Types of Installation:

Above ground pools come in different installation systems:

  1. Built-in Pools: Require less construction work and offer a wide range of design possibilities.
  2. Prefabricated Pools: Pre-manufactured for easy installation, providing cost-effective options.
  3. Modular Panel Systems: Offering precision and durability, ideal for larger pools.

Material Options:

  1. Stone/Concrete Pools: Provide a rustic or modern aesthetic, depending on the finish.
  2. Wooden Pools: Offer a warm and natural feel, suitable for various environments.
  3. Steel Pools: Bring elegance and durability, perfect for upscale establishments.
  4. Acrylic Glass Pools: Provide transparency and durability, suitable for both commercial and residential use.
  5. Fibreglass Pools: Prefabricated and durable, requiring minimal maintenance.
  6. Synthetic Fibre/Polyester Pools: Modular and modern, with customizable features.
  7. Container Pools: Sustainable and easy to install, ideal for smaller spaces or temporary events.

Special Temporary Events:

Temporary above-ground pools offer versatile and rapid installation solutions for events like sports competitions or public recreational activities. Laghetto technology enables quick setup and adaptability for various activities, ensuring durability and functionality.

Above ground pools offer a contemporary and customizable solution for various spaces, providing relaxation and enjoyment in both residential and commercial settings. With diverse design options and ease of installation, they continue to be a popular choice worldwide. For inquiries or installation services, contact us.

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