10 Shiplap Fireplace Ideas and DIY Guide

Everything felt “builder-grade” when we first moved into our new house. Especially our two-story family room. I loved the open concept but the tall blank walls made the room feel cold and empty. Before we even closed on the home the priority on my to-do list was to add a DIY shiplap above the fireplace.

Stunning Shiplap Fireplace with a Natural Beam Mantle

Step 1: Clean and Prep the Brick

Start by removing any existing mantel and cleaning the brick thoroughly with a wire brush and vacuum. This ensures a clean surface for painting.

Step 2: Whitewash the Brick

Apply whitewash paint to the brick-and-mortar joints, adjusting the thickness to achieve your desired look. Use a dry rag to wipe away excess paint and create a natural, textured finish.

Step 3: Prepare for Shiplap

Install 1×2 furring strips on the fireplace using concrete screws, ensuring a sturdy base for the shiplap. Mount the TV bracket directly to the brick and install plywood for additional support.

Step 4: Install Shiplap

Begin installing shiplap boards from the bottom, making sure each row remains level. Use an air-brad nailer for quick and easy installation, leaving the TV mount exposed for later mounting.

Step 5: Mount the TV

With the shiplap in place, mount the TV according to your measurements, considering the size and placement of the natural beam mantle.

Step 6: Find a Wooden Beam

Search for a wooden beam with character, either salvaged or purchased, to serve as the mantle. Clean the beam with a pressure washer and apply boiled linseed oil for a rich finish.

Step 7: Prepare the Beam

Dry-fit the beam to ensure it fits properly, then pressure wash and oil it to enhance its natural beauty. Allow the beam to dry thoroughly before installation.

Step 8: Install the Hidden Shelf Bracket

Custom-order a heavy-duty shelf bracket and carve out a recessed area for a flush fit. Dry-fit the bracket multiple times before securing it to the fireplace with cement screws for added strength.

Step 9: Finish the Look

Once the bracket is in place, press the beam onto it, ensuring a secure fit. A hammer ensures each rod penetrates the beam, creating a seamless finish.

10 Shiplap Fireplace Ideas for Any Home

Neutral Farmhouse Fireplace:

Create a subtle yet stylish look with a white shiplap above the mantel, complemented by a pale wood finish.

Navy Shiplap Gas Fireplace:

Make a bold statement with navy shiplap, adding depth and sophistication to a modern open-plan space.

Modern Black Shiplap:

Opt for a sleek and contemporary feel by pairing a black shiplap with a minimalist frame around the firebox.

Stained Wood Shiplap:

Balance warm and cool tones by mixing natural wood paneling with a slate fireplace surround for a modern touch.

Vertical Shiplap:

Embrace tall ceilings with vertical wood panels that add visual interest and contrast to the space.

Olive Green Shiplap:

Infuse a moody vibe by painting the shiplap in a dark olive green, creating a striking contrast with the surrounding elements.

Guest Room Fireplace:

Achieve a clean and modern look by combining white shiplap with sleek marble or quartz accents.

Beadboard Walls:

Create texture and depth with a horizontally painted white beadboard, providing a charming backdrop for a wood-burning stove.

Natural Wood Shiplap:

Add warmth and definition to an all-white space with pale natural wood shiplap, bringing in a touch of rustic elegance.

Shiplap and Patterned Tile:

Achieve a coastal-inspired aesthetic by pairing wide vertical shiplap with delicate neutral patterned tile for a light and breezy feel.

Whether you prefer a classic farmhouse look or a more contemporary style, shiplap fireplaces offer endless possibilities for enhancing the charm and character of your home. So, get inspired and transform your space with the timeless appeal of shiplap! For more info click here

How to DIY:

Step 1:

Locate the studs in your wall to ensure sturdy support for the shiplap boards.

Step 2:

Use finishing nails to secure the boards to the wall, starting from the bottom and working your way up. Maintain even spacing between boards using nickels and ensure they’re level with a spirit level.

Step 3:

Add trim to the edges for a polished finish and seamless look.

Step 4:

Fill in nail holes with caulk or painter’s putty for a clean appearance, or leave them unfilled for a more rustic feel.

Step 5:

Paint the shiplap and fireplace to your desired color. Painting after installing the boards simplifies the process and ensures even coverage.

Total Cost:

Approximately $75 for the fireplace, making this project budget-friendly without compromising on style.

By opting for faux shiplap and DIY installation, you can achieve the coveted shiplap look while staying within your budget. This project adds instant character and warmth to any room, making it a worthwhile endeavor for DIY enthusiasts.

Final Words

In conclusion, these 10 shiplap fireplace ideas and DIY guides offer versatile inspiration and practical steps for transforming any space into a cozy haven. Whether you’re aiming for rustic charm or modern elegance, implementing these ideas will enhance the warmth and style of your home with a stunning shiplap fireplace and natural beam mantle.

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